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2019 Eyewear Trends

2019 Eyewear Trends

2018 was the year of small frames. A cool look for many, but not so great fit for others and definitely not the most practical design for sunglasses. For 2019, designers are thinking bigger. They’re also looking back as much as they’re looking forward, which shouldn’t come as a huge surprise for anyone who follows fashion.

What sets this year’s styles apart the most is the use of patterns and a willingness to “mash up” styles, materials and colors. The newest crop of designer eyeglasses is more adventurous and more colorful than any we’ve seen before. If you’re looking for something beyond the basic brown tortoiseshell frame, you’ve got plenty of options.

Trendspotting 2019 Eyewear

Round Lens Frames

The round lens frame has been in an out of style for years, but for 2019 it’s back with a vengeance—and some fresh takes on this classic look. The most notable change is the use of larger lenses.

2019 sunglasses with round frames

Kokomo sunglasses by COR Eyewear offer a 21st-century take on a classic shape.


Retro-inspired Frames

Designers are always revisiting classic shapes. For 2019, the classic Cateye frame has been glammed up with a fresh color palette and decorative touches, like the metal emblems on the Corinne McCormack frame below.

2019 eyeglasses with cateye frame

Corrine McCormack 'Monroe' frame in leopard.


Cutout Frames

An interesting trend we’re seeing is the cutout frame, like the specs from Invu below. We ‘ve also seen hybrid metal/plastic frame versions.

2019 sunglasses with cutout detail

Instantly update your look with a cutting-edge cutout frame like these by INVU.


Square Lens Frames

The blocky, square lens frame is back in both metal frame and plastic frame versions.

2019 eyeglasses with metal and plastic frames

This Calvin Klein frame features square lenses & a hybrid plastic/metal design.

Colorful Prints & Patterns

Solid colors and the classic tortoiseshell will never go out of style, but there’s a trend toward unique patterns. From animal fur inspired prints to artsy patterns and checkerboards, there’s plenty to catch the eye.

2019 eyeglass frames with blue leopard print

Blue leopard print & metal details toughen up a classic style in these Bebe frames.


A Bit of Bling

While the more outlandish designers have dazzling jewel encrusted frames and even glitter infused lenses, they’re not exactly the sort of thing for everyday wear. We’re seeing sparkly accents make their way onto more subdued designs, though, like the DVF frame below.

2019 eyeglass frames in aqua and tortoiseshell with jewels

This Diane Von Furstenburg frame adds eye-catching glam with bejeweled arms.


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