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Kids’ Glasses & Prescription Sunglasses

Browse children’s frames and sunglasses online and visit one of our six Chicago-area eyeglass stores for help finding the perfect pair. Eye Boutique carries youth eyewear options for kids of all ages, from small children to pre-teens and young adults. Our eyewear experts will help you find durable and comfortable kids’ glasses frames perfect for competitive sports and everyday activities.

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Rec Specs eyeglasses Slam Patriot for sale near Chicago

Slam Patriot

Rec Specs eyeglasses RS-40 for sale near Chicago


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Vivid eyeglasses VIVID KIDS 156 for sale near Chicago


Ted Baker eyeglasses B969 for sale near Chicago


Ted Baker eyeglasses B976 for sale near Chicago


Vera Bradley eyeglasses VB Leena for sale near Chicago

VB Leena

Rec Specs eyeglasses RS-50 for sale near Chicago


Ted Baker eyeglasses B980 for sale near Chicago


Ted Baker eyeglasses B981 for sale near Chicago


Ted Baker eyeglasses B978 for sale near Chicago


Vivid eyeglasses VIVID KIDS 162 for sale near Chicago


Vivid eyeglasses VIVID KIDS 163 for sale near Chicago


Vivid eyeglasses VIVID KIDS 164 for sale near Chicago


Vivid eyeglasses VIVID KIDS 167 for sale near Chicago


JBX eyeglasses Caleb for sale near Chicago


JBX eyeglasses Axel for sale near Chicago


JBX eyeglasses Danica for sale near Chicago


JBX eyeglasses Aria for sale near Chicago


JBX eyeglasses Forrest for sale near Chicago


JBX eyeglasses Dixie for sale near Chicago


JBX eyeglasses Reese for sale near Chicago


Nike eyeglasses NIKE 5048 for sale near Chicago

NIKE 5048

Nike eyeglasses NIKE 5544 for sale near Chicago

NIKE 5544

Nike eyeglasses NIKE 5546 for sale near Chicago

NIKE 5546

Modern Plastics II eyeglasses Care for sale near Chicago


Modern Plastics II eyeglasses Cowboy for sale near Chicago


Modern Plastics II eyeglasses Frolic for sale near Chicago


Modern Plastics I eyeglasses Squiggle for sale near Chicago


Modern Plastics II eyeglasses DEWDROP for sale near Chicago


Modern Plastics II eyeglasses ENJOY for sale near Chicago


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Modern Plastics II eyeglasses Bicycle for sale near Chicago


Modern Plastics I eyeglasses Skateboard for sale near Chicago


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Kids designer glasses for sale near Chicago

We make it easy to find the best glasses for your kids, at a great price.

Family-Focused Eye Care

Eye Boutique makes it easier to keep up with eyewear expenses as as your family grows. We take more types of vision insurance (including Vision Service Plan) and provide affordable options for patients without insurance. Our opticians will explain your coverage and show you how to get the most value from your vision plan. No insurance? We offer free consultations on pricing and patient financing so you can give your kids the vision care they need while controlling costs.

Your family eyewear budget goes farther here

When you buy your children’s eyeglasses from Eye Boutique you get free frame repairs for the life of the glasses.

Looking for a strap, case or other holder for your kid’s glasses? We also sell eyewear accessories and will be happy to help you find what you need.

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Kids’ designer glasses

We have kids’ designer glasses from top brands including:

Visit us to try on kids’ frames and get expert fit advice. Love designer frames? We have an even wider selection for teens and adults including Prada, Calvin Klein, Coach and many other labels.

Reading glasses for children

Having the right prescription glasses makes reading easier, whether your child is a bookworm or prefers to read on screens. For kids who study online or just love digital devices, we recommend a blue light blocking lens treatment to protect against digital eyestrain.

Kids’ prescription sunglasses

If your child needs to wear prescription glasses for everyday activities (not just reading) we recommend prescription sunglasses. Children 3 and up should wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from UV rays, and prescription shades will ensure your child sees well, indoors and out.

Kids prescription sunglasses for sale near Chicago

We have prescription & non-corrective kids' sunglasses in a variety of styles.

Answers to your questions about kids and glasses

Eye Boutique optometrists have years of experience working with adults and children of all ages. We offer comprehensive pediatric eye exams at all our locations. We believe in educating our patients about not only eyewear but eye health. During your child's eye exam you'll have the opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have about eyeglasses and vision care for kids.

What are the best glasses for kids?

Your child’s vision prescription is the number one consideration when choosing frames. An optician can look at the prescription and tell you how thick the lenses are going to be, and which frames will work best.

You’ll want to make sure your child likes the frames they end up with, so they’ll be more willing to wear them. Balancing your child’s preferences with proper fit (especially at the bridge) is key.

For kids who play sports we recommend a dedicated pair of sports glasses for the best protection against eye injuries.

Our highly trained staff are happy to help you find the best pair of kids’ glasses – no appointment needed.

Is anti-reflective coating worth it for kids?

Definitely. Anti-reflective (aka anti-glare) lens treatment makes vision clearer and reduces eye strain.

Will vision insurance cover kids’ glasses?

For patients with vision benefits, coverage typically includes a yearly eye exam and either glasses or contact lenses, regardless of the age of the patient.
Our eye doctors take most vision plans and we provide free coverage checks to make it easy to understand and use your benefits for your whole family.

Shop for kid's eyeglasses at 6 Chicago-area eyeglass stores

Explore the latest kid's glasses styles from leading designers online, and visit an Eye Boutique near you for the best pricing and service.

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