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Wiley X sunglasses BRICK for sale near Chicago
Wiley X sunglasses WX GRAVITY for sale near Chicago
Ray-Ban sunglasses RJ9052S for sale near Chicago
Ray-Ban sunglasses RB3447N for sale near Chicago
Rec Specs sunglasses Daytona for sale near Chicago
Rec Specs sunglasses Roadster for sale near Chicago
Ray-Ban sunglasses RB3716 for sale near Chicago
Ray-Ban sunglasses RB2027 for sale near Chicago
Ray-Ban sunglasses RJ9506S for sale near Chicago
Op-Ocean Pacific sunglasses Pearl for sale near Chicago
Op-Ocean Pacific sunglasses Far Out for sale near Chicago
Far Out
Op-Ocean Pacific sunglasses Infusion for sale near Chicago
Ray-Ban sunglasses RJ9547S for sale near Chicago
Op-Ocean Pacific sunglasses Sunbake for sale near Chicago
Ray-Ban sunglasses RB3689 for sale near Chicago
Ray-Ban sunglasses RB3611 for sale near Chicago
Ray-Ban sunglasses RB4305 for sale near Chicago
Nike sunglasses NIKE LORE CT8080 for sale near Chicago
Nike sunglasses NIKE BRAZEN BOOST CT8179 for sale near Chicago
Nike sunglasses NIKE BRAZEN SHADOW CT8228 for sale near Chicago
Sun Trends sunglasses ST213 for sale near Chicago
Ray-Ban sunglasses RB4147 for sale near Chicago
Ray-Ban sunglasses RB4165 for sale near Chicago
Ray-Ban sunglasses RJ9062S for sale near Chicago
Ray-Ban sunglasses RJ9061SF for sale near Chicago
Switch Vision sunglasses Highlander for sale near Chicago
Ray-Ban sunglasses RJ9069S for sale near Chicago
Op-Ocean Pacific sunglasses Speedbump for sale near Chicago
Op-Ocean Pacific sunglasses Boardwalk for sale near Chicago
Rec Specs sunglasses Trailblazer for sale near Chicago
1 234

Eyeglasses for sale at 6 Chicago-area stores

Eyewear is increasingly a fashion-driven choice. We carry a wide selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses from leading eyewear brands for women, men, and kids. Eye Boutique upgrades global eyewear brands with local eyewear expertise. No matter how famous the designer, every pair of eyeglasses we sell is custom-made for optimal vision and comfortable fit.

We take most types of vision insurance including VSP vision plans and CareCredit at all our eye care centers. Contact us for a free insurance check or stop by during business hours for a free eyewear consultation.

We also carry safety eyewear, including prescription safety goggles for COVID-19 protection (also available without vision correction).

Looking for the best deal on eyeglasses? Eye Boutique offers quarterly promotions featuring deals and discounts on eyeglasses, eye exams, and more.

Shop for eyeglasses at 6 Chicago-area eyeglass stores

Explore the latest eyeglasses for sale from leading brands online, and visit an Eye Boutique near you for the best pricing and service:

 Eyeglasses in Schaumburg IL  Eyeglasses in Algonquin IL  Eyeglasses in Geneva IL

 Eyeglasses in Joliet IL Eyeglasses in Crystal Lake IL  Eyeglasses in Naperville IL

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