Eye Boutique Accepts Vision Insurance Coverage from TRICARE

TRICARE vision insurance is designed primarily for active duty military service members and their families, National Guard/Reserve members and retired service members. There are several plans, and your benefits will vary depending on the plan you’re enrolled in. The best way to find out what is covered at Eye Boutique through your TRICARE plan is to let us know the plan you’re on.

Eye Boutique will help you get the most from your TRICARE insurance benefits

With health care costs going up all the time, it only makes sense to do whatever you can to maximize your benefits. Eye Boutique deals with insurance plans all day and can quickly find out for you how much of your eye exam and eyewear costs will be covered, then offer suggestions on how to get the most for your money. Stop by any of our Chicago area locations to learn more, or call the Eye Boutique nearest you.

Find a TRICARE vision provider near you

Everyone deserves proper eye care. All 8 of our locations provide quality care for any patient, even without vision insurance. Learn more about our payment options, no matter where you are:

 Accepted insurance & vision networks

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