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Alicia Mercado

May 31, 2024

100% recommend this place for anybody looking for an optometrist! The staff and doctor were super kind and friendly. A special thanks going to Taylor who was so patient with me while I was picking out my eyewear. I was being so picky and unsure of what I wanted. At the end of the day, I left satisfied with the choice of glasses at a very reasonable price. Best place to go hands down! Thank you everyone at Eye Boutique for your help!

Scott Burgess

May 20, 2024

I received great service from Joann on Saturday afternoon (May 18, 2024) at the Naperville EYE BOUTIQUE. Polite and professional. Answered all questions. I look forward to receiving the protective eyeglass lenses that I purchased.

Jim Chitwood

Mar 12, 2024

My family has always received great customer service and client care at the Eye Boutique in Naperville. Joann was a great help when I needed to get glasses fixed that were accidentally stepped on. She fixed the glasses with a smile!

april ericson

Mar 3, 2024

I've been using Eye Boutique for 8yrs now and Joann has been our go to person that whole time. Her amount of knowledge of what will suit a face structure and style and taste is amazing. Having 3 kids with different styles plus my own is difficult to accomplish in a visit. But with Joann helps I'm in and out N all my kids love there glasses. As do I, Joann thank u again for all help over the years.

Rob “Rob” n/a

Mar 1, 2024

What a save to say the least. Earlier in the afternoon i was washing my hands and my glasses Frame screw apparently popped and my lens went flying onto the counter, and in my disbelief and anger couldn't figure well what do I do next, needing the glasses for my office job, and desperate to get them fixed quickly I searched around to find this store, called ahead and spoke to a Taylor who reassured me that she could fix them and come in anytime during hours, and low and behold with ZERO charge I was able to hand the mess over to her, and she quickly fixed them in 3 minutes. Gotta say it's a massive save compared to waiting weeks on end for a new pair. And couldn't be more impressed and happy about the care and consideration I received! This will be my boutique to say the least!

Corey Ericson

Mar 1, 2024

Every time I go to Eye Boutique I am helped by Joann. She is very knowledgeable and help with choosing glasses especially when I have my kids. She talk through my insurance and what it cover so i clearly understand. She is very professional and understand the needs of her customers. She also helps keep me on budget for my, and my families, glasses.

Lisa Bowen

Mar 1, 2024

Everything was excellent, from the friendly staff - Taylor, Joann and Joy - to the thorough eye exam with the doctor!! They really took their time to explain everything and helped me pick out some great glasses! I will definitely be back next year and will bring my whole family, too!

Nicole Carter

Mar 1, 2024

Excellent service! Staff are friendly and knowledgeable Taylor, Joy and Joann are truly Amazing! I also love that they offer free adjustments!


Feb 29, 2024

I have been getting eye exams and glasses from here for many years. I always get very good service. On my last visit, JoAnn helped me pick out a frame and lenses. She is very knowledgeable and professional. I love the way the lenses get dark so quickly. It helps when I’m driving in the bright sun. I have recommended Eye Boutique to many friends and my children.

Laura Lehuta

Dec 5, 2023

Joy and Taylor are a pleasure to work with. They know the style I like (rimless) and always find me the best look, and they work with my insurance so I get a good deal. Dr Spevacek is great to work with, very patient and explains everything thoroughly. Great place for eye care!!

Patty Clancy

Nov 22, 2023

I was in the store about a week ago to get my current reading glasses repaired as a lens had popped out. Joann worked on them for about 5-10 minutes and as I was about to pay, she said there was no charge. I didn't even buy my glasses at Eye Boutique. I am impressed with the customer service and will probably buy my glasses from them in the future. She was very nice and helpful and I appreciate that!

Shirley Georgeson

Nov 13, 2023

My first time at Eye Boutique and I couldn't be happier! I was greeted warmly as I walked in. Dr. Spevacek was so nice and thorough with my eye exam. Joy was very helpful in helping me pick out glasses. They do have a very nice selection of sunglasses also. Joann and Taylor were just as friendly. Thank you!!

Linda Zerfas

Nov 5, 2023

I am a former patient of Dr. Lisa, but moved out of the area a few years ago. I was in Naperville recently, however, and dropped by to see if anyone could adjust an ill-fitting pair of glasses for me, since I wasn't getting satisfactory results from my new optician. Not only was Joy happy to assist me, but she did an outstanding job: 2 weeks on, they still fit like a glove! Thank you, Joy, for your kindness and professionalism! I truly appreciate it, and highly recommend the Eye Boutique Naperville!

Shirley Georgeson

Nov 3, 2023

My first time at Eye Boutique and I couldn't be happier! I was greeted warmly as I walked in. Dr. Spevacek was so nice and thorough with my eye exam. Joy was very helpful in helping me pick out glasses. They do have a very nice selection of sunglasses also. Joann and the other gal there, I can't remember her name, were just as friendly. Thank you!!


Nov 3, 2023

I went into the Eye Boutique in Naperville/Plainfield, IL today to get one of the stems fixed on my expensive sunglasses. Taylor fixed them in about 3 minutes with NO charge. I was sooooo happy! Thank you Taylor and Eye Boutique!

Rich K

Sep 12, 2023

I had a prescription for eyeglasses from an ophthalmologist @ The W****** E** C*****. I didn't want to purchase my glasses there. I did a Google search, lo and behold, they accept my union medical insurance. I went into the Eye Boutique on September 2nd, I explained my profession to JoAnn. She hooked me up with a stylish pair of glasses specifically for computer work. She said that they may take up to 2 or 3 weeks until they're ready. Guess what, they contacted me today, I picked them up. I'm wearing them as I'm typing. Kudos to JoAnn, and the other great staff at this location. Plus I got a 20% discount!

Andy Andersen

Sep 7, 2023

This business is fantastic! I walked in and was immediately greeted friendly faces. I brought my son’s broken eye glasses to be fixed and it was an easy fix for Taylor! She was warm, friendly, and conversational and knew exactly how to fix them. The store was clean, organized and inviting. I defiantly recommend this business - thank you!

Patrick Hill

May 13, 2023

A great experience. At my age, I was having some trouble getting the right prescription and progressive lenses. The staff was patient and yet determined to make sure I got a pair of glasses that worked.

Kidada Robinson

Apr 25, 2023

I love Eye Boutique. Dr. Lisa is easy to work with and helps me understand my challenges. Taylor has helped me try something new with progressives. What a great atmosphere! I'll keep going back.

kim blackmar

Mar 28, 2023

I dropped into your Naperville store not planning on buying glasses today. I just wanted to see what was available and check prices and styles. Ganessa and Joy greeted me immediately. I asked them about progressive frames for reading. I wanted something new. Well, these ladies and a third lady, JoAnn, gave me the BEST service and pulled out 3 styles I loved! I like these ladies because they were so honest and smart with what they thought looked good on me. We picked out "the pair" that we all loved on me! What a GREAT shopping experience. JoAnn and Ganessa told me the best price I could get for my age and life experience and I bought the glasses then and there! I am so happy and can't wait until they arrive. Thank you made my day!

Ashley Ramaglia

Mar 14, 2023

Wow this place is amazing! Truly wonderful experience. I was checked in and seen right on time. It was my first time at Eye Boutique and Dr. Spevacek and the staff were all fantastic. They were so nice, great bedside manner, and thorough exam. They even sent me home with a few pairs of my new prescription contacts. I would go back here in a heartbeat!

Vilius Palionis

Feb 23, 2023

Blown away by their customer service and generosity. I came in with Oakley prescription glasses that needed repair but weren’t even originally purchased here. They helped immediately and fixed to glasses to essentially new condition! Taylor specifically was extremely welcoming and helpful. Places like this are hard to find. I’ll be purchasing from them in the near future and from here on out. Highly recommend.

chris hanns

Feb 22, 2023

Definitely a great place. I would highly recommend Taylor She's very helpful with picking out classes and makes you feel at home. And gets back to with your orders Fashionable manner!!!

Andrew Clegg

Jan 17, 2023

The folks in the front are always helpful and even custom fit my glasses by taking exact measurements of my old ones since no one carries them anymore. They go above and beyond for their patients and they make relationships with them. Every year I come in they remember me and continue to chat with me as they did over a year ago. They truly care. Love this place and highly recommend them to everyone.

Marcos Luan Germano Silva

Jan 17, 2023

The folks in the front are always helpful and even custom fit my glasses by taking exact measurements of my old ones since no one carries them anymore. They go above and beyond for their patients and they make relationships with them. Every year I come in they remember me and continue to chat with me as they did over a year ago. They truly care. Love this place and highly recommend them to everyone.

Peter Larsen

Dec 27, 2022

EXCELLENT SERVICE, EXPERTISE and GREAT SELECTION. We are repeat customers and extremely satisfied customers all because of Ganesa and Taylor's excellent service, knowledge, responsiveness, professionalism, yet also make shopping for frames fun. Taylor and Ganesa are a great team together. During our visit, we were shopping for my husband's glasses and we had a very specific style and color in mind. Taylor was so knowledgeable of her product line, that she immediately found us the perfect frames that we imagined. Next month, it will be my turn for glasses and I'm so excited to find a pair of fun, classy, female glasses and the styles Taylor and Ganesa will be finding for me.

Vicki McAlister

Dec 22, 2022

I have been going to this Eye Boutique for a couple of years now. At first I thought is was one of those places that treated you like a number. Everyone there is amazing. Very personable, treated each customer as a person. Taylor is very personable and approachable. She took the time to go over my prescription and insurance benefits with me. I'm sorry I do not remember the Doctor's name but she was amazing as well. She answered all of my questions and explained the different test and results. This will definitely be my place for eye exams and glasses.

Lynn Hodak

Dec 20, 2022

Everyone is amazing in this office. I so appreciate their professionalism and approach to their business Taylor helped me so much - she gave me so much help picking out my glasses - she was enthusiastic, professional and just a joy to work with! Give her a raise!

Robert Perkowski

Oct 28, 2022

Taylor was very friendly and extremely professional. She helped me on selecting the perfect frames to compliment my face. The eye exam was very thorough and no cataracts found:) I am very happy with the entire interaction.

Allan Moss

Oct 10, 2022

All I Can That They Are Excellent!! Great through Eye Exam By The Doctor. Went In Today To Get Screws Replaced On A Pair Of Ray Ban Sunglasses & Adjustment For A Regular Pair Of Glasses, That Were Not Even Bought There..Taylor Was Excellent & Didn't Charge Me For Anything.

Ayesha Noor

Sep 30, 2022

Taylor has been super amazing with my kids. She took the time to explain the process and helped them picked the frames. She was very careful with finding affordable frames as well but also understood my kids needs. She is excellent with kids yet very professional. We love her!!

Ellen Pindiak

Aug 13, 2022

I need my eyeglasses fixed fast for my trip to Paris. Ganesa was so kind to me and had them fixed in just a couple of days. Thank you!

Kimberly Moore

Aug 12, 2022

My name is Mary Matthews and I have had the best experience with Taylor. She was very helpful in choosing my glasses and was very knowledgeable about what would look best on me. I would recommend Taylor to anyone who needs glasses.

Dan Matic

Jul 21, 2022

Always a pleasant experience with Dr. Spevacek and her staff. Taylor was especially helpful and considerate in assisting with my frames selection. Thank you!

Chris Stock

Jun 22, 2022

We always have a great experience with Dr. Spevacek, she's friendly and helpful. Yesterday my daughter and I were helped by Taylor to pick out glasses. She was really great! Super helpful, friendly and professional. We had. a great conversation as we purchased our glasses. She's definitely an amazing asset to the office.

Lee Johnson

Jun 13, 2022

Taylor is an asset to the Eye Boutique. Her up-beat personality and patience is awesome! She helped my daughter move past being upset to wear glasses to feeling excited about her new "cool" glasses. Thanks Taylor!!

kristi Groh

Jun 11, 2022

Taylor was so professional and helpful! I was blown away with the service and had two prescriptions filled in 30 Minutes…and the designer glass selection was excellent!

Daryle Moore

Jun 4, 2022

Just purchased glasses from Taylor. Great experience. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend Eye Boutique and specifically Taylor to everyone.

Erica Baker

Jun 3, 2022

Taylor was awesome today. She was very helpful with calculating my total and they were very patient.

Bryan Krall

May 18, 2022

Been going to Eye Boutique Naperville for over 10 years now. Dr Lisa is just fantastic. The staff is always friendly and it seems like a well run office. Taylor is very patient and knowledgeable and helped me pick the perfect frames. She rocks!

Dion Chang

May 16, 2022

The right nose pad on my sunglasses had fallen off so I ordered a new set on Amazon to replace them. Unfortunately, the screwdriver I bought was not a good fit for the nose pad screw. Ganesa was kind enough to help me expertly replace the nose pads and even polished the sunglasses for me. I wanted to reimburse her for her time but she refused any payment! Thank you so much for your help Ganesa!

Caitlin Moore

Apr 30, 2022

Thanks Taylor for my first time prescription sunglasses! I love them!

Carly Jones

Apr 30, 2022

Eye boutique helped me fix my glasses within 1 hour. They were very helpful and friendly. I'll definitely go back when it's time for new frames! Highly recommend.

Kimberly Moore

Apr 19, 2022

The service I received from Taylor and Ganesa was excellent. They helped me pick out some very cute frames that looked so cute on me. They are both very friendly and very helpful. Their customer service was simply excellent. I will definitely buy all my glasses from The Eye Boutique. It’s refreshing to go to a business where people are happy and you can tell that they truly enjoy what they do. Thank you Taylor and Ganesa. Definitely sending more business your way😀

rafi syed

Apr 16, 2022

Taylor scheduled an appointment for my son to try on his contacts. She was very patient with him while he took almost an hour trying to learn how to put on and remove the contacts in his eyes the first time.

Kayla W

Apr 5, 2022

i used to go to the eye boutique in aurora on kirk (hate that they closed that location) but i drove 15 miles to the naperville location because i love the experience and environment eye boutique provides. the doctor was very friendly and quick we even shared laughs. the assistance taylor i think her name was went above and beyond. i ordered 2 pair of glasses thanks for her

Liz Salva

Feb 26, 2022

Highly Recommend this facility, my son is autistic and they took their time with him and made him feel so welcomed. They go above and beyond with service, they even help you pick your glasses. Very friendly and caring staff.


Dec 27, 2021

Fabulous customer service.

Keith Culbertson

Oct 1, 2021

My Ray Ban sunglasses needed a screw to hold the lense in as it had fallen out. The friendly team at Eye Boutique fixed the frame same day, checked everything else, and then didn’t charge me! That just doesn’t happen anymore in today’s world. I’m newer to the area, and have found my future eye care provider when I need it!


May 11, 2021

Excellent service and provides detailed information of the tests.

Karen Chatton

Apr 23, 2021

I stopped by the Eye Boutique today to have a screw replaced on my prescription glasses. I ran a few errands & swung back to pick them up. Perfect! They replaced & said there was no charge. I did tip the young lady. I believe I will try this place when I am ready to replace my glasses. So far extremely pleased with their service.

Elizabeth Aguirre

Mar 27, 2021

Love love this place! I have tried going to many different eye stores and I finally found one that is great all around. Greasy selection of brand name glasses. Staff and eye doctor is great with helping you with what your looking for and finding the perfect pair of contacts for you. Glad i found a place to go every time.

Robert Bishop

Mar 19, 2021

I scheduled an eye exam for the first time at the Naperville location and from the first call to the ordering of the glasses Dr. Spevacak was very professional and listened to my concerns, the staff Ganesa, Joy and Mia were fantastic in helping me get my contacts and glasses ordered very friendly and welcoming. I will continue to go to this location truly kind and professional real people Thank you Eye Boutique

Tim Smith

Jul 15, 2020

My screw came out of my glasses and phone showed me the Eye Boutique was close by. I went and was greeted by Taylor. She was very nice and took care of me. This may be a place to think about when I need to get more glasses in the future. Thank you Taylor. Very nice meeting you.

Deepak R Padgaonkar

Dec 14, 2019

Excellent Doctor - very detailed tests and nice explanation. Strong recommendation.

Jack Peller

Dec 12, 2019

Knowledgeable and personable staff who are attentive to you and your eyecare needs. All my questions were answered politely and patiently and I would not hesitate to return in the future. Great selection of eyewear to choose from and won't break the bank either. Exceptional problem solving skills also!

Kim Stansbury

Dec 8, 2019

Knowledgeable and friendly staff. I am always able to get an appointment for myself and my children when needed. Attentive and helpful when choosing glasses.

Avinash K

Jul 18, 2019

Update: 7/18/19 - updated my ratings from 2 to 5. It's all about customer service. What differentiates retail is not the product they carry but all boils to CRM -- customer relations. I got my glassses back and was provided detailed explanation around the delay, which I understand, they also added protection on my purchase for the inconvenience. I would have loved to give this store 5 star since they have great glass collections and the staff are really helpful. At the same time I really disappointed in the order processing time. Have been waiting for my glasses for 3 weeks. I specifically requested to expedite since I had to travel but today was informed it will take another 3 business days.

Jean Neis

Jun 13, 2019

The two assistants were very helpful and knowledgeable; were able to find just the right looking glasses for my daughter and we were in and out of there real quickly. Huge selection of glasses so thought it would take forever!

Laura Ruments

May 23, 2019

I give this place 5 stars. Everytime I come in I am treated so nicely. They are a fun bunch who work there. They are so personable with the clients who walk in. They are so helpful and wanting to engage with u while u pick out ur frames. My eye doctor there is amazing. She is very professional...likes to joke around. U can tell she cares about her patients needs. She is always smiling...never caught her on a bad day. She is very friendly. Best Eye Doctor ever.

koushik sarkar

Jan 19, 2019

The doctor at this center was very good, but their delivery of glasses is very poor and below standard. They don't take responsibility of any defects in your new glasses. They do take a return and try to provide a replacement, but that process again takes 2 weeks. Because of this my wife has to return back to India without her glasses. They do not offer a refund for it, even if you are not able to take the delivery for a fault at their side. Update: They have delivered my wife's glass 10 hours before her flight to India. She was finally happy that she could wear her new glass. I am updating this review to 4 stars.

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