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Eye Boutique Accepts Vision Insurance Plans from Medicare

If you’re on Medicare Part B or Part C, sorting through what is and isn’t covered can be confusing. Let us look into it for you. Just visit of call any of our Chicago-area eye care centers, and we'll let you know what your policy covers.

We help you make the most of your Medicare vision benefits

Anyone who’s retired knows how every dollar counts, but scrimping on important eye exams isn’t the best way to save money. Our eye doctors are all licensed optometrists, and our eye care professionals are vision insurance whizzes, ready to help you make the most of your Medicare vision benefits so you can get the eye care you need while taking the least out of your pocket.

Medicare Vision Coverage FAQ

We are happy to do a coverage check to help you understand exactly what your Medicare plan covers.

Contact or visit the Eye Boutique nearest you with your Medicare ID card or member number to make the most of your vision benefits.

Chicago-area eye doctors that take Medicare:

Medicare vision providers near Chicago

Our eye doctors take Medicare at 6 eye clinics:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an eye exam covered by Medicare?

Routine eye exams and optometrist visits for vision correction are typically not covered by Medicare vision insurance. Medicare Part B covers some preventive and diagnostic eye exams. Learn more

Does Medicare cover eye exams for cataracts?

Medicare part B covers specific diagnostic tests and treatment for certain eye diseases. If you're experiencing symptoms or vision problems that might mean you have a serious eye condition, Medicare will cover an eye exam. Learn more

Does Medicare cover glaucoma testing?

Medicare Part B covers a yearly glaucoma test for patients at high risk for glaucoma. Learn who’s eligible

Does Medicare pay for eye exams if you are diabetic?

Medicare Part B covers an annual eye exam for patients living with diabetes and diabetic retinopathy. Learn more

Are glasses covered by Medicare?

Generally, no. But Medicare Part B will help cover corrective prescription lenses and standard frames (or a set of contact lenses) if you’ve had cataract surgery to implant an intraocular lens. Learn more

What if I have Humana or UnitedHealthcare Medicare vision insurance?

We accept both Humana and UnitedHealthcare vision insurance plans, as well as Medicare. Whether you enroll in Medicare through the government or in a Medicare Advantage plan through a private company, we’re happy to go over your vision insurance coverage with you so you understand exactly how it works.

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